Pre-Implementation Planning

The Support Services Team is Committed to Serving Educators to Achieve Results

The most successful implementations are those that are thoughtfully planned and strategically executed. During Pre-Implementation, sessions will cover critical topics and questions.

  • Identify student achievement goals
  • Define roles and expectations
  • Determine professional development needs
  • Identify key milestones

Planning Session

Typically 1 hour to 1 day, 3 weeks prior to start date

A pre-implementation planning session is essential to the success of the program. It enables us to jointly define roles, responsibilities, and logistics; anticipate challenges; and respond to questions, resulting in a customized plan of action.

Questions to Think about for the Pre-Implementation Planning Phase

  1. What do you want to accomplish in the first week? The first month? The first year?
  2. How will you measure the program’s success?
  3. How will you select the students who will participate in the program?
  4. When will instruction begin?
  5. How many minutes of instruction will be devoted to the program per day? Per week?
  6. Who will be accountable for the implementation at the district level? Campus level?
  7. How will you ensure that teachers receive sufficient training to teach the program?
  8. How will you ensure that district and campus leaders are ready to monitor the program?
  9. How will assessment data be collected? How often do you expect data to be reviewed?
  10. How will your plan align to your state standards and/or the CCSS?
  11. What hardware and/or software adjustments may need to be made for this program to work as designed?
  12. What challenges do you anticipate that may interfere with achieving the goals?