Data Review

The Support Services Team is Committed to Serving Educators to Achieve Results

Our Support Services team places data at the center of ongoing support. Touch-point meetings are scheduled throughout the year to review student data and to address critical questions.

  • Examine successes and identify solutions to overcome barriers
  • Evaluate actual growth versus expected gains
  • Identify schools and classrooms needing additional support
  • Adjust instructional and implementation plans based on results

Data Touch-Point Meetings

Typically 3 hours in-person or via webinar (beginning, middle, and end of implementation)

Throughout the implementation, we organize data into easy-to-read reports of student progress that can be aggregated in multiple ways. Data touch-point meetings enable us to advise school and campus leaders on using the data to make decisions related to strengthening the implementation. This discussion leads to making decisions that target areas of focus and creating strategic action plans.

Questions to Think ​About for the Data Review Phase

  1. How are we doing along the way? Is the data trending upward toward the end-of-year goals?
  2. Are some schools progressing less than expected?
  3. How is the student technology application being utilized?
  4. What do the data say about intervention students passing the high-stakes test?
  5. Are students eligible to exit the program?
  6. Which students need adjustments to their instructional plan? What are those adjustments?
  7. What elements of the implementation need adjustment?
  8. How should we expand products or services to increase student success in other areas?