Grades: 3-12

Boost Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills

Vocabulary deficiencies are a primary cause of academic failure for students in grades 3–12.

gaming format invites students to Learn, Play, and Master words. Students set goals, earn achievements, and vie for a spot on the national leader board. The program is perfect for skill building and extra practice. It also customizes each student's learning experience with an adaptive engine allowing teachers to individualize instruction.  

Students can access VocabJourney anytime, anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Read the Research—Make Your Choice!

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  • Direct and explicit instruction of vocabulary will improve success in all content areas
  • Many English language learners have difficulty due to limited English vocabulary
  • Students have varied levels of exposure and knowledge to academic vocabulary

VocabJourney includes words from SAT study lists, the Academic Word List (Averil Coxhead, 2000*) and words commonly used in state standards for science and social studies. Words related to high school subjects such as world history, geography, biology, math, and language arts are also included. English learners choose word sets that include multiple meaning words and phrases and homophones to help them develop English language proficiency.

*Coxhead states that when students have mastery of academic words in English, they can significantly boost their comprehension level of school-based reading material.