Grades: K - 6

Motivating hundreds of thousands of students to become better readers with fun, purposeful online reading practice

Ticket to Read® is a self-paced, student-centered online program that results in improved reading performance. As students complete tasks in the areas of foundational skills, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, they earn points that can be used to decorate their personal clubhouse or stock their toy store.

Key features of Ticket to Read include:

  • Content displayed in an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Interactive activities supported by audio and animation
  • Support for English language learners
  • Hundreds of high-interest reading passages and games
  • Entry points based on students’ reading levels
  • Automated quizzes and self-correcting guidance
  • Motivating rewards system to keep students engaged and on task

Ticket to Read App

Ticket to Read App

The complimentary Ticket to Read app is now available to all Ticket to Read users in the iTunes®App Store from Apple®. Students can now access the fluency and comprehension activities straight from their iPads®.

EDDIE Award Winner

The use of clean, crisp graphics and animations is sparing and unobtrusive, helpful rather than distracting; the rewards are simple and short (and can be further shortened by the instructor to increase learning time). Teachers will appreciate the straightforward tracking page, and more competitive students will love the school-to-school "Reader Leader" scoreboard.

- ComputED Gazette

Research & Testimonials

My students love going online and earning tickets. I love how they have to reread if they read too fast or slow, and if they missed any questions. I tell them it's like having me at with them while they read!

- Denise Cartisser, Reading Specialist,
Wilson Elementary School, West Allegheny, PA

The program is really helping my students catch up in their reading skills. The students can't wait for their day to visit T.J.'s Clubhouse and Uncle Tocket's Toy Room.

- Beth Starnes, Reading Intervention Teacher,
Lothian Elementary School, MD

I have seen very few programs in my years of teaching young children to read that can hold a child’s attention for reading and prepare them to be accountable for what they have read, as this one does.

- Eileen Somerville, Second Grade Teacher,
Athens, GA

Ticket to Read Enhances TimeWarp Plus Effectiveness

Ticket to Read Overview

Students who participated in TimeWarp Plus with Ticket to Read during the summer showed greater growth than students who used TimeWarp Plus alone. See the study