Vmath Third Edition - Accelerate Math Growth

Vmath Third Edition

Grades: 2-8

Vmath  Accelerates Students to Grade-Level
Math Achievement

Vmath® is a targeted math intervention program for struggling students in grades 2–8 that provides additional opportunities to master critical math concepts and skills. Vmath is specifically designed to reinforce grade-level expectations. Through a balanced, systematic approach, Vmath creates successful learning experiences for students and develops confident, independent learners of mathematics. With a blended print and technology solution, or a digital-only option, Vmath delivers essential content using strategies proven to accelerate and motivate at-risk students.

Success Story

Alamance-Burlington Schools achieve significant growth after their first year of piloting the Vmath program, seeing an average quantile gain of 318Q (1.5 to 2.5 times the typical growth).


  • Delivers focused, standards-based instruction, while also providing foundational skills necessary for grade-level success
  • Wraps around any core math program
  • Provides conceptual development, procedural skill and fluency practice, and application activities
  • Delivers explicit support in the skills expected by new, more rigorous standards
  • Focuses on grade-level content and reinforces skills taught in the core curriculum
  • Provides an easy implementation model
  • Provides foundational lessons to scaffold the instruction
  • Provides instruction to support the progression of skills outlined in state and national standards
  • Includes comprehensive, built-in assessment
vmath blended math instruction

New to Vmath 3rd Edition

  • NEW Modules and Pacing Guides 
  • NEW digital environment for both teachers and students
  • INTEGRATED digital tools that link to vocabulary, resources, Gizmos, and VmathLive
  • NEW Test-Readiness Lessons to prepare for the increased rigor of high-stakes math assessments
  • INTEGRATED problem-solving strategies and “Build the Concept” components that guide students through the application of concepts and skills
  • Exercises that increase students' communication skills in math: Write Math, Critical Thinking, and Algebraic Thinking
  • UPDATED Adventures that make connections to student learning through projects and writing
  • TARGETED assessments that help inform instruction