A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement

Authors: Melody Ilk, Pati Montgomery, Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D.
Grades: K-8

Principal's Primer is a “how-to” manual for principals who are dissatisfied with their students’ reading achievement and who want to improve the overall reading performance of an elementary or middle school population. It explains in very practical terms exactly how a principal can lead a school to implement research-based, multitier reading instruction and achieve optimal results, especially with students from economically, socially, or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

A complement to LETRS professional development, A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement gives a series of specific steps for principals to follow and:

  • Focuses specifically on the role of the principal in teaching literacy

  • Gives the nuts and bolts of what to do with whom, how to get the work done, and how to monitor the school’s progress toward shared goals

  • Names specific programs and materials of value and places these tools within a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework

  • Was written by leaders who earned national and state recognition for outstanding school improvement 

The accompanying CD-ROM includes interactive PDFs of worksheets, protocols, agenda formats, and planning templates.