Proven Early Learning Programs for a Solid Foundation

Building the foundation for academic success and positive social competence in early childhood can simplify teaching and learning throughout a child’s school career.

Our prekindergarten and early learning programs foster children’s natural desire to learn, support essential skill development, and help catch potential problems early so they do not become obstacles down the road.

We Can is our flagship early learning curriculum, newly revised!

Prekindergarten Solutions

We Can
We Can Early Learning Curriculum

A proven, evidenced-based, early learning solution that supports teachers of all experience levels—addressing key foundational skills in the state standards for kindergarten.

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LETRS Early Childhood
LETRS for Early Childhood Educators

Provides quality professional development for early childhood educators interested in helping young children build a strong foundation in early literacy skills.

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Building Early Literacy
Building Early Literacy and Language Skills (BELLS)

Developmentally appropriate activities to improve phonological and print awareness, language usage, and cognitive, communication, and self-help.

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50 Nifty Speaking Listening
50 Nifty Speaking and Listening Activities

Develop oral language and comprehension through 50 simple, engaging activities that build vocabulary, background knowledge, and expressive language skills.

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Stop & Think

With role playing and group activities, this program addresses four developmental levels and helps students learn interpersonal, survival, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.

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